GMC is one of the world's pioneers in producing first trucks and commercial vehicles since 1909. Its history starts with Rapid Motor Vehicle Company which was bought by General Motors, but only in 1912 the nameplate “GMC Truck” was first used after GM merged Rapid and Reliance Motor Car Company. The following development of GMC as a division only maintained its leading positions. During WWII, as befitted to many other automakers around the globe, GMC had been devoted to manufacturing military trucks.

Historically GMC and Chevrolet cars have distinct similarities and you can clearly see that. Most recent models can be distinguished by front grilles. However, the main difference between Chevrolet and GMC is that GMC have been traditionally oriented for commercial vehicles, whereas Chevrolet supplies the market of private owners at lower price and broader range of cars for different social strata. Both marques became trendsetting in its class. The production range has never been limited to a few models, in this regard GMC has always had a vast array of vehicles to offer from pickups, medium-duty trucks and comfortable upscale SUVs to school buses and motor homes. Today's vehicles are designed with sleepover cabins only. Cabovers were common for earlier models, such as the 1973 legendary GMC motorhome equipped with front-wheel drive engine. It was top-of-the-line recreational vehicle at the time, fitted with all necessary amenities onboard. Sadly, the production of this remarkable motor coach was discontinued in 1978 with a total of 12 900 vehicles built in response to growing demand for trucks.

An impressive choice of vehicles for different purposes is available today with an average MSRP ranging from 33.000 to 47.000 $, which makes it not the cheapest car of its segment. All SUVs of the current lineup provide excellent spaciousness (up to eight passengers) and reliable driving performance assured by V6 engine and all-wheel-drive powertrain. Such electronic devices as touch screen monitor with built-in computer and navigational system are custom for all models of the line. Surely, the customer is free to take advantage of additional premium offer and enhance the car's capabilities with such gadgets as forward collision alert, lane departure warning, 2 front USB ports, trailering equipment, rear vision camera and so on. Current SUVs produced by GMC include: All-new Yukon, Acadia and Terrain. These models are also available in more luxurious variants branded as “Denali” or “All-new Yukon XL”.

A perfect accomplishment for recreational trips and business would be Savana Passenger van. This model does not exclude the abundance in comfort. Starting MSRP for maximum specification which embraces extended wheelbase, V8 Turbo diesel engine, front bucket seats and a digital compass would be 49.200 $.

The commercial line of trucks based on GMC Sierra chassis provides several custom models: with no upfit, a dump truck, a flat bed and utility upfit. A commercial cutaway van mounted on Savana chassis (Savana cutaway 3500) is another versatile business solution from GMC.