Nissan belongs to the most widespread cars of Japanese production and includes numerous models which allow any passionate driver to find the most appropriate variant of auto. Nissan was established in 1925 by Yoshisuke Aikawa, businessman, entrepreneur and politician. The company produced its first Datsun that was a descendant of the Dat Car, a small passenger vehicle developed by Japanese automotive pioneer Masujiro Hashimoto in 1935. After the conquering reputation the company began to produce big-sized cars including buses and vans. During the Second World War Nissan mainly focused on vehicles required for the needs of army.

In 1958 Nissan stabilized its position on the markets and issued a model Datsun Bluebird equipped with a sensitive brake pedal that could be easily used by everybody. It should be noted that Nissan came into the possession of Prince Motor Co. after which new models Skyline and Gloria began to be produced. In the end of 1970-s the company was firmly established at the market. In 1990 the model 300 ZX won an honorary title "Imported car of the year". Nissan can be presented by several models. For example, Nissan Teana particularly stands out in the segment of premium class cars as it has quite luxury appearance. Crossovers of business class are suitable for business meetings. They include Nissan Qashqai, Pathfinder and Murano. More powerful autos presented by offroaders Patrol, Navara and X-Trail which can drive in rough terrain.

Many divers prefer to acquire Nissan cars of economy class such as Note, Tiida or Almera. Fuel-efficient model Nissan Micra will be suitable for women whereas men will be satisfied with a sports car Nissan 350Z that is characterized by high speed.

One of the advantages of Nissan is the absence of necessity to visit a car service center during a long period of time. Besides, Nissan has a large network of official dealers that allows to simplify process of buying a car. A visiting card of the company is its after-sale service that is available after official purchase of a car. Thanks to after-sale service autos are provided with warranty service in the best centers belonging to an extensive network. Original car parts and accessories of official dealer centers are presented in a wide range at quite affordable prices. The main advantage of a car is its price-quality ratio that is also applied to its maintenance service.

Nissan cars stand out by its high quality and attractive design at the automobile market. All systems of the cars always operate properly whereas comfortable salon can make a trip pleasant. Nissan received an award for reducing exhaust gases of its models. In 2000 the corporation became famous by its tiny auto named EV Hypermini. Nissan was rewarded for design of new models and occupied the first places in various competitions. Subsidiaries of Nissan producing unique and qualitative products are located in many countries of the world.