Although the life of its founding father was to the greatest extent unsuccessful, the company somehow has grown up into a true automotive giant. After a few vain endeavors to form a stable business, a Scottish-born entrepreneur David Dunbar Buick succeeded in creation of the Buick Motor Company in 1903 which later became a very profitable venture, especially under William C. Durant who turned the brand into one of GM’s most powerful divisions.

Over years of its evolution the company has become a trendsetter. Buick presented what now is being referred to as “a concept car” – the Y-JOB in 1938, and was the first to apply blinkers on its models – a feature which would turn mainstream only a decade later. It is also responsible for the first ever V6 engine to be used on an American car, marketed as Fireball V6 and installed on the 1961 Buick Skylark as well as its following generations. The Buick Motor Company as many others notable car manufacturers was affected by WWII. It had produced aircraft engines and armored vehicles. However it didn’t limit itself on producing solely for U.S militaries. The Roadmaster, The Special and the first generation of Century had been assembled throughout the wartime.

Buick has always been marketed as a luxury brand. Its cars are considered to be at a higher level in relation to Chevrolet but lower than Cadillac-branded vehicles. Today it still represents a viable competitor, however, with quite a limited range of premium passenger cars, including compact, full-size sedans and SUVs. Now the division offers five basic models: the Verano, the Regal, the Lacrosse, the Encore and the Enclave, plus one convertible concept car under the name Cascada which would be available from 2016. The layout of the whole lineup save the Enclave is totally borrowed from Opel Insignia. Nonetheless another model is about to be presented soon – the 2015 Buick Tuscan Edition, being an extended prestigious version of its predecessor. The latter features a 3.6 L V6 engine under the hood. Its performance, spaciousness and interior, as well as exterior are of utmost finery. This comfortable SUV is also equipped with various electronic and digital devices, such as the Intellilink technology. The starting MSRP of 39.050 $ seems to be reasonable for this kind of car.

The cheapest vehicle of the Buick's modern range is the compact Verano five-seater sedan. The car also has multiple amenities on board, truly beautiful and appealing dashboard and comfortable front-passenger and driver heated seats. Buick offers it at 23.380 $.

Despite the limited range of cars and “captive import styling”, Buick confidently makes its own way and is widely represented in the world, especially in China which shares 35 % of total Buick sales. Even after the economic slump of 2008 the brand augmented its production volume and sold over 440.000 vehicles in 2009.