Honda Motor Company is a Japanese car manufacturer specializing in production of passenger cars and motorcycles, various special equipment and engines. It was established in 1946 by Soichiro Honda as a technical research institute and initially manufactured small engines and mopeds. Part of its production is issued under the Daihatsu brand. The company's headquarters is located in Tokyo. Autos of Japanese concern Honda present powerful, reliable and qualitative models which are constantly in great demand among users of the world. Cars are manufactured in accordance with the latest technologies that positively impacts robustness and performance characteristics.

One of the main advantages of Honda cars is their engines. Thanks to the genius of the corporation's engineers all cars of the notable Japanese manufacturer are equipped with extremely powerful and reliable engines capable of working during a long period not requiring special care, costly repairs and maintenance. Engines of all Honda cars are characterized by numerous original peculiarities. As a starting point, it must be noted that rotation of crankshaft proceeds in an anticlockwise direction. It's a specific feature of cars which allows to reach excellent performance and powerfulness. The second peculiarity of engines is presence of VTEC system that presents an amazing opportunity to change phases of gas distribution providing flawless work of engine and maximum efficiency.

Great reliability while working at high speeds is an advantage of no less importance. At a speed of 4500 rotations per minute that is quite extreme for other powertrains an engine of any Honda cars gains its second wind thanks to using VTEC system. It's very convenient as such a benefit enhances resources of a car and makes any trip fast and comfortable. During vehicle operation car owners face necessity of acquiring spare parts and consumable items. One of the most important elements of a car is its brake system as it regulates speed, stopping and retention of a car in homing position providing safety and reliability of driver and passengers' movement in a vehicle. Performance of brake system depends on quality and robustness of its components. Original brake pads and disks of Honda are designed by the manufacturer with the aim of reaching maximum efficiency of brake gear.

Cabin air filters of Honda cars prevent contamination entering through ventilation openings of heating systems. Quality of installed cabin air filter affects health of car's owner and passengers. Cabin air filters of Honda have been developed taking into account all factors influencing the performance of the air conditioning system of cars and comprise electrostatic layer which retains even the smallest solid particles of size up to 0,5 mkm.

Nowadays the company occupies the first place in manufacturing motorcycles and is one of the top ten world automobile manufacturers. It possesses 119 production enterprises in 33 countries.