The South Korean company Hyundai has been manufacturing cars since 1968. It has been at the forefront of automobile industry thanks to professionalism, diligence, persistence and continuous training of staff. In the manufacturing process the company uses high quality materials ńcorresponding the latest international product quality standards. It is constantly improved in this direction thanks to achievements of the company's own research institutes. During the first ten years of service performance of Hyundai cars remains practically flawless. The company Hyundai provides a five-year warranty for cars. Design of Hyundai autos will not leave anyone indifferent.

High reliability of cars is confirmed by the research of reputable organizations. Thus, models Santa Fe, Getz and Matrix have reached the highest reliability rating according to the tests Power Customer Satisfaction. Besides, the model Santa Fe became a winner of the nomination "the most reliable car" following the results of the survey conducted among 1,3 millions of USA respondents.

Supporters of Hyundai claim that Hyundai cars are so qualitative that desire to change brand can arise only in case of simple interest in other trademarks. Even if a car breaks down its repair will not be troublesome. Buyers will always be able to assess reasonable prices for cars Hyundai. The company's policy is aimed at providing an opportunity of buying its cars by people with different financial possibilities.

Since recently the company Hyundai increased a guarantee period to one hundred thousand kilometers of driving and five years of using. Besides, Korean giant is ready to provide free repair of engine, gearbox and back axle during two years after the end of guarantee. As for Hyundai passenger cars they attract many motorists with presence of two gearbox types: mechanical and automatic. In terms of assembly quality Hyundai cars are not inferior to autos of the world brands.

In more than three decades since the moment of its foundation Hyundai Motor Company occupied the leading position in Korean automobile industry thanks to continuous technological improvement and development of its own models. Thanks to severe restrictions on import of foreign autos the company received an opportunity to produce models of all categories and even the most expensive car of the concern Centennial which costs approximately 54 thousands of dollars is cheaper for customers than imported foreign cars of executive class.