Lexus is a well-known automobile company producing qualitative and stylish cars. For that reason everybody who appreciates quality and prefers Japanese cars perfectly knows an emblem presenting a stylized letter L in oval.

The company created a group consisting of 1400 designers and engineers with the objective of developing a luxury auto bringing great satisfaction from driving and exceeding the best European cars. The project F1 was intended to implement this idea. F stands for flagship whereas figure 1 means a luxury sedan of the highest standard. The main engineers of the project were Shoiji Jimbo and Ichiro Suzuki. The fulfillment of the project started in 1984. A year later the developers set off for conducting customer surveys to USA as the first Lexus car was intended namely for American market. The team headed by Shoiji Jimbo interviewed potential buyers and car dealers of the biggest cities of USA (New York, San Francisco, Miami, Houston) in order to have a clear picture of American customers' preferences. At the same time group of five designers worked on the developing of the first Lexus model in Calty Design, American design studio of Toyota in California. In July of the same year the first of 450 prototypes named Lexus LS400 was created whereas its debut took place in 1988. Since that moment the company has released numerous models each of which conquered great love of drivers. Nowadays in spite of strong competition and enormous quantity of diverse car brands many motorists give preference to Lexus.

Popularity of Lexus is explained by reliability and a great number of advantages which influence on choice of cars' connoisseurs. All systems of cars operate seamlessly and provide their owners with comfortable driving. Lexus cars took the fancy of many people because engineers put their heart and soul into development of every detail and spare parts that allows to create decent autos with modern design and smooth lines ensuring respectable look of all Lexus cars. All Lexus models possess comfortable salon with qualitative upholstery and modern auto equipment.

On the modern market Lexus is presented by the whole range of great models. Such a vast range provides every buyer with an opportunity to choose an appropriate variant corresponding his needs and preferences. Manufacturers of Lexus equip all autos with the latest and reliable systems which function effectively ensuring comfort of passengers, driver and guarantee absolute traffic safety.

Future planes of Lexus include such ideas as replenishment of engines' range with diesel-powered vehicles designed for the market of Europe (where diesel-powered models are popular because of more ecologically favourable gas emission composition) and American market where hybrid models enjoy popularity. On the whole, history of Lexus is successfully continuing that numerous awards of print media and the first places in various ratings prove.