Subaru is a Japanese company which product range is not restricted to one direction. The company produces autos, aircrafts and other industrial equipment. Subaru is a department of the concern Fuji Heavy industries Ltd. Its main manufacturing facilities are located not far from Tokyo. Thanks to the first President of the company Kenji Kita significant changes happened. He considered that if the firm decided to produce a car it should be perfect. Name of the company was also given by Kita who was of the opinion that Japanese company should have Japanese name. Subaru is a name of cluster of stars in a constellation. Perhaps, a founder felt that the reputation of his company could reach heavens. Innovative approach to every model allowed cars of the brand to become iconic.

Establishing of a new company named Subaru of America marked the fact of considerable increasing export in USA. In 1971 the company produced model Subaru Leone and after its demonstration outside the borders of Japan a real sales boom started. During the following two years approximately one hundred of these original models were sold. In 1997 the company released a new model Forester that didn't comply with stereotype that contributed increasing demand. According to the statistics overall volume of production reached half a million of cars. Nobody has had any doubt that approach of the company was serious as passenger cars present only a small part of Subaru's activity. The company also specializes in producing such important objects as spaceships and jetliners.

Speaking about advantages of Subaru cars it's necessary to note that Subaru independently produces vehicles' engines in contrast to other manufacturers. Compact and lightweight engines are characterized by seamless and effective performance in comparison with V-shaped and in-line engines. Using symmetrical drive in combination with unique engines of Subaru provides an opportunity to operate a vehicle with incredible stability. Technologies used in manufacturing details of running gear, engines and transmissions of Subaru can be called really unique. The company Subaru doesn't use technologies of other producers.

Any car of Subaru has three-year factory warranty. The company also provides twelve-year warranty against corrosion of body and three-year warranty on paint-and-lacquer coating. Subaru cars are considered to be the best tugs. Presence of permanent four-wheel drive, low-slung center of gravity and big turning torque makes every Subaru car ideal for towing a trailer.

Subaru cars have been prevailing on World Rally Championships for almost twenty years. Engineers of Subaru have always tried to improve their creations. Thus, it was decided to participate in a race competition to set a world speed record. Choice fell on a new four-wheel drive Subaru Legacy that hadn't been officially presented at the market. The car successfully achieved this goal covering 100 000 kilometers distance.