Japan is a country that is famous for quality and reliability of all manufactured goods. This applies to Toyota cars as they have proved their high performance. It is considered that the history of the world's largest automobile concern started in 1933 as namely then an automobile department began to operate in the company Toyoda Automatic Loom Works. Kiichiro Toyoda, son of the company's owner established a department using money received from the sale of patents on spinning machines. Thanks to natural talent for managing Kiichiro led the company to recognition and respect among people of the whole world.

The first passenger car named AA was produced in 1936. In the same year the first truck G1 rolled off the assembly line. New models of Toyota started to be produced after the end of war. During the difficult postwar period the company experienced a strike that was the only in its history. As a result the company created a new organization named Toyoda Motor Sales Co., Ltd that became involved in selling Toyota cars.

In 1952 the creator of the corporation passed away. This event coincided with the moment when a model range was expanded thanks to investigations and unique ideas of developers. Soon Toyota tried to enter the American market and later cars of this brand won the love of the North American region. In 1962 the company manufactured the millionth auto and presented a model Corolla that enjoys the highest popularity nowadays. 1970-s became very rigorous and productive for the company. Its new models appeared throughout the world, various innovations and continuous technical improvements were introduced.

In 1982 two subsidiaries of Toyota united in Toyota Motor Corporation and were ranked the third in production of passenger cars. A year later, the company signed a cooperative agreement with GM concerning joint production in USA. The main event of 1980-s is considered to be creation of the Lexus brand. During 1990-s the company was involved in environmental protection and developed a great number of nature protection programs. Nowadays Toyota is one of the major car manufacturers in the world. Speaking about advantages of Toyota cars it's necessary to note that every new model is tested in all parts of the globe that guarantees quality and reliability of all cars. It's possible to acquire an auto of this brand from official dealers in many countries of the world.

Acquiring of Toyota car suggests taking the decision regarding choosing an appropriate model. First of all, you should choose capacity of a car as too small model won't be suitable for a large family. Toyota cars are presented in a huge range of models - from passenger cars to real four-wheel drive vehicles. Model range of Toyota is really enormous and can satisfy even the most demanding consumer taste. Estate cars enjoy great popularity as they are comfortable, capacious and have enough space for every family member.