Volkswagen AG is a German automobile concern producing a wide range of passenger cars, minibuses and trucks as well. The headquarters of the company is located in Wolfsburg. History of the concern dates from 1934 when a German constructor and engineer Ferdinand Porsche began to develop the first model of people's car and devoted four years of his life to achieving this goal. In 1937 it was decided to build automobile plant in Wolfsburg that is currently famous to the entire world. Soon the first batch of VW30 series vehicles was produced. Every model covered more than two millions of kilometers during testing which allowed to reveal all possible drawbacks of constructions. Appearing of the first models of Volkswagen created a furor. Newspapers wrote about this event, constructors and drivers of all countries admired the cars.

The Second World War gravely impeded mass production of Volkswagen autos. During the war approximately 70 000 of models rolled off the assembly line. In 1950 the company produced one hundred thousands of cars and five years later the millionth model solemnly left the production line. Branches of the company began to open throughout the world. When the company conquered Europe it established subdivisions in Brazil, South Africa, Australia and Mexico. According to the decision of the Parliament of the Federal Republic of Germany in 1960 it was decided to privatize Volkswagen plant and reorganize it into a joint-stock company. Since 1979 the concern started to produce a cabriolet Golf that was in great demand not only in Germany but in the whole Europe and led to development of similar models competing with each other. 1980-1990 years were marked by appearing of an entire range of new Volkswagen models which experienced great demand.

Logotype of Volkswagen can be seen in provincial towns and noisy capital cities. Such autos faithfully serve their owners during long years. Reliability of cars which left the assembly line of German concern became a theme of proverbs and national folklore. Germans are famous for their pedantry and thoroughness. These qualities are particularly evident in creation of new autos among which beloved Volkswagen occupies a worthy place. Cars are carefully assembled using qualitative component parts that guarantees long service life. Regarding the cost of cars Volkswagen models are much cheaper than their German analogues but distinguished by high quality and reliability.

Any vehicle of Volkswagen presents a real artwork. Thin and smooth lines, luxury appearance and sophistication of car interior finishing won't leave you indifferent. In terms of design constructors overextended themselves. However, they didn't stop to create unique models attracting connoisseurs of qualitative cars.

Nowadays products of the concern Volkswagen Group became a benchmark of German reliability and quality. 20% of all cars sold in Western Europe represent passenger cars and trucks known under the trademarks: Volkswagen, Audi, Skoda, SEAT and Rolls-Royce and produced at the plants located in 15countries of the world.